Semi-Private Sessions

Healing Circles

Together we create space calling in the directions, angels, guardians, teachers, ancestors, and vibrational energies of the light. Each person receives hands-on healing followed by a guided meditation, breathwork, and sound bath.

Crystal healing and aromatherapy complement the session.


Together we create sacred space for the healing of the highest self. Michelle administers plant medicine and hands on healing, followed by a guided meditation, breathwork  and sound bath.  Crystal healing and aromatherapy compliment the session.

Home/Business/Land Blessings

Sound Healing, Energy Clearing, Crystal Healing, and Aromatherapy for your individual needs. Clear spaces and places of unwanted energy and infuse loving compassionate healing vibrations.

Animal Reiki

Hands-on or distance healing for your furry family members. Allow your pets to receive the relaxing and healing vibrations of Reiki for their overall well-being.

Yoga-asana, Meditation, Sound Healing

The union of mind, body, and spirit through the movement of the body, guided meditation, breath work, and sound healing.

Intuitive Sound Healing Recordings

Personalized sound meditations created for your individual healing needs, includes a consultation prior to the recording.

What To Expect?

You will receive exactly what is needed for your highest healing with the least amount of suffering. The energies know what to do and Michelle is the channel through which they flow. You will remain comfortably dressed and relax on a padded floor mat or massage table with blankets and pillows. Together, we will create sacred space calling in the energies of angels, guides, teachers, ancestors, shamans, Karuna® Reiki, Mother Earth, and all her children, our star families, and lightworkers. Michelle will use hands-on healing, with a gentle touch on various parts of the body, while guiding you into a meditative state. Sound Healing infused with healing energies, crystals, mantra, and aromatherapy are included in the experience.

What To Bring?

Any items you would like bathed in the energy. An eye mask or other comfort items to make your session more enjoyable. Drink water before and bring water to drink after your session. Staying hydrated keeps the energy moving. Journaling, meditation, and rest will support the integration.