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 Frequency + Intention = Healing

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Cosmic Surrender, 18 minutes of energy and sound healing

Divine Connection, 22 minutes of energy and sound

Infinite Self, 15 minute of energy and sound healing

Innerstanding, 30 minutes of energy and sound healing

Intuitive Flow, 22 minutes of energy and sound healing

Youniverse, 18 minutes of energy and sound healing

Meadow Love, 30 minutes of energy and sound healing

Authentic Light, 30 minutes of energy and sound healing


Available on 50 music streaming platforms including Amazon Prime, Apple, Pandora, Spotify and Youtube.

On InsightTimer app, free to download. Over 100 energy and sound healing selections, with guided meditations and visualizations.
Please give Michelle Meadow Love a follow, download the music, add to a playlist and share with others you think may benefit from the vibrations.

All frequencies are infused with healing light, intention and activations to support the remembering of your infinite self.

Sunset Sound Bath


Sunset Sound Bath

 8/27, 9/24 @6pm

10/29 @ 5pm

11/26, 12/31 @4pm

Receive healing vibrational energy while being supported by Mother Earth. We gather during the golden hour, as the sun lowers in the sky. Gongs, medicine drums, quartz, and Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, rain sticks, hapi drum, shakers, and other sacred sound healing instruments gently bring the mind, body, and spirit into balance.

Dress comfy and warm. Bring a blanket, towel or yoga mat to lay on and anything lse to make your experience more comfortable. Water to drink is suggested.
This is a commUNiTY event and all are welcome. Families, children, four-legged fur friends.
Any form of equitable energetic exchange is graciously appreciated. Please message Michelle with any questions.
Also streamed live on InsightTimer

Save the Dates

Sound Medicine Immersion Mentorship in the Sound Sanctuary. 
We will drop into a deep meditative state infused with Reiki and Sound, activating your intuition and medicine to open to the infinite possibilities of creation. You will have the opportunity to connect with all the instruments in the Be Well family.  We will discuss the basics and all your questions will be answered. You will have the opportunity to order your own instruments to start or expand your sound family, while receiving a discount on your purchases. It would be my honor to mentor you and support your sound practice.
One on one
8/3 -6pm Ecstatic Dance/Silent Disco and Sound Bath at Solimar Beach near the swing…this will be a regular offering. $15-25 suggested donation. headphones provided. bring a blanket, warm clothes for sound bath and anything else to make you comfy.
8/5 -9am Athleta Lion’s Gate Sound Bath and Shopping experience at the Camarillo outlets. Free! Snacks drinks after. 8/25-9am Reiki infused sound bath
8/11 -5:30 pm Floating Sound Bath in Ojai with Mimi. $111.
8/12-4pm Sound Bath & Reiki Healing experience at Serra Cross in Ventura with Allison, Alejandra, Rose and Matthew. Suggested donation $20-25.
8/13 Noon Experience Meditation Multi-practioners sound bath at Experience Meditation in the Channel Islands Harbor area. $25.
8/16 New Moon Circle and Sound Bath-more details soon
8/27-6pm Sunset Sound Bath in Cemetery Memorial Park in Ventura. Suggested donation $20.

Transformational Healing for Mind, Body, and Spirit

Michelle Meadow Love, creator of Be Well Healing lives in Ventura, Ca. Michelle is a certified Yoga Instructor, Gong Yoga Facilitator, Sound Healing Practitioner, Usui, Tibetan, and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, Starseed, Medicine Woman, and Shamanic Healer. Michelle began her spiritual journey at a young age and continues to expand her awareness of knowledge in esoteric, energy, and yogic studies. Michelle is currently studying Earth Medicine, vibrational healing, and TFT/EFT.

Be Well Healing offers reiki infused shamanic private sound baths, Community Soundbaths, private healing sessions, guided sound meditation/visualization, Ceremony, and Healing circles, Gong Yoga Nidra, Insight Timer Live Meditations, Home Blessings, transformational workshops and training, retreats, and gatherings.

Michelle is a published teacher and intuitive healer with over 30 years of experience working with all ages in the healing arts and education. She is also the mother of two daughters, enjoys traveling, live music, nature, and the arts.

In 2011, Michelle was diagnosed with Lyme disease and co-infections, after years of misdiagnosis and suffering. She has healed herself with the support of yoga, Reiki, sound healing, Pranayama, meditation, plant medicine, diet, exercise, detoxing, and using a holistic and natural approach to wellness. She is a self-taught musician using her intuition to guide the flow and channel the energy. Michelle received the nine Munay-Ki rites and is continuing to deepen her studies in Earth Medicine and the South American Paco traditions. Michelle gives back by donating time and medicine to her community. She is a believer in everyone having access to alternative healing modalities and including offerings for an energetic equitable exchange. Michelle believes barter/trade relationships are an important aspect of the integration of the healing arts. Michelle hosts a community Sunset Sound Bath on the last Sunday of every month. This is an opportunity for all to receive vibrational healing under the golden energy of the sun while being supported by Mother Earth.

We are always exactly where we need to be or we would be elsewhere. When we are in alignment and open to receive, we magnetize what is needed for our highest self with the least amount of suffering. Trust the process.

Michelle Meadow Love

Creator, Be Well Healing

Our Way Of Life

You are the creator of your reality. You deserve to live the life of your dreams. Let’s come together and amplify the healing frequencies. Be Well. I Love You.

What We Do


We gather in sacred space to join our energies and intentions with spirit, the elements, and source in reverence of celebrating, self-healing, and sovereignty.


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Reiki is administered by laying on hands and techniques such as this have been practiced for thousands of years.


The union of mind, body, and spirit through the physical movement of the body, the breath, meditation, and sound.


Reiki infused shamanic energies, along with crystal healing vibration and aromatherapy to clear spaces and places of unwanted energy and infuse loving compassionate healing vibrations.

Sound Healing

Reiki infused shamanic vibrational healing utilizing the Gongs, quartz singing bowls, medicine drums, chimes, and other sacred instruments for relaxation and restoration.

Private Healing Sessions

Go deeper into your self-healing with the support of Reiki infused shamanic energies, crystal healing, aromatherapy, laying of hands, and vibrational healing for mind, body, and spirit.

What People Are Saying

I had a Reiki session with Michelle today and it was incredible. She is so nurturing and caring and so deeply connected. It is difficult to fully put into words; but she creates this cocoon of loving energy that allows you to really sink deeply into the session and get powerful results. She is truly a treasure. I felt so amazing afterwards 😊🙏🏻♥️ Thank you Michelle!

Lauren S

Michelle is full of light, love, peace & so much more. I went to her Sunset Sound Bath at Cemetery Memorial Park in Ventura last month and thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was a calming, soothing and energizing experience. Let’s not forget the incredible view of our gorgeous sparkling Pacific Ocean. I very much look forward to attending another sunset sound bath & enjoying the other services she has to offer. Thank you for being you, Michelle🤗🙏🏼💚🧘🏼‍♀️☮️.

Amber L

“Michelle is a committed teacher with a strong will and a powerful voice. She will be sensitive and understanding of your needs and help you to find your path…

David C

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